Modified Figure Eight Knot Loop




Introduction: Modified Figure Eight Knot Loop

This knot jams tight and can be difficult to undo.

That makes for a secure lanyard, zipper pull, key ring fob, etc.

This is ABOK 533.

Step 1:

Form a Z shape with the right side end of your cord.

Step 2:

Bring loop 1 over the standing end of the cord.

Step 3:

bring working end (WE) over, under through the loop.

Step 4:

Grab the loop at * and bring it over, under and over.

Step 5:

Tighten slightly.

Step 6:

Grab loop with left hand and WE with right hand,.

Pull in opposite directions to capsize bight * into a sharp angle.

Standing end (left hand end) is now under the WE.

Step 7:

Turn knot over and tighten

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