Introduction: Modified "Go-Go Gadget" Ikea Toilet Paper Holder

I saw this Instructable for a toilet paper holder that could be mounted on a wall and then pulled toward the toilet, and thought it was awesome. I have a house rabbit, and any toilet paper under 2' off the ground becomes a play toy. Of course, I started making the holder and then changed the design part way through. So, here's my version of iminthebathroom's Go-Go Gadget toilet paper holder.

My version has a commercially available toilet roll holder mounted on the Ikea mirror holder. I thought that was all I'd need, but it turned out that, since the roll holder is now mounted 90° from what it's designed for, the roll falls off.

The fix was to attach a cabinet knob that matched the rest of the bathroom hardware. The roll fits over top, but then bumps up against it when in use instead of falling off. It also gives you something easy to grab when moving the roll away from the wall, or tucking it back.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

You'll need:

- Ikea Frack wall mounted mirror
- Regular toilet paper holder with a threaded hole to match the rod on the Frack (I forgot to take a photo, but mine was supposed to mount something like this:
- Appropriate mounting hardware for your wall/cabinet
- Cabinet knob and long machine screw to match (the one it comes with is probably too short)

- Bench press & bits
- Clamps
- Screw driver / drill
- Pliers/vise grips

Step 2: The Knob

- Drill a hole near the end of toilet roll holder, just large enough to fit the machine screw through.
- Attach knob.

You might think, okay, drill a hole, attach the knob. How hard can that be?

Well, that's probably true, but I recommend learning from my mistakes.

So, I would recommend that you START with the bench press and good, firm clamps. Don't fuss around with a drill, realize you're unlikely to get a hole where you wanted, borrow a friend's bench press with crummy clamps, break off the drill bit inside the hole, mess around trying the grind it out, try again with good clamps and better drill bits, and finally get through a little off centre.

Yeah, don't do that.

Step 3: Attach the Roll Holder

This step involves a lot less drama than the last one. I promise.

- Thread the roll holder on to the rod intended for the mirror.
- Tighten the nut that comes with the Frack snug against the bottom of the roll holder with the pliers.

If you don't tighten the nut, then motion of pulling and pushing the holder will eventually loosen the roll holder, and then you get to thread it back on.

Step 4: Mounting

After that, just mount the Frack to whatever you had intended.

I attached mine to the vanity. And, since that's pretty thin wood, I added blocks on the inside a few inches long to grip the screws and spread out the load. Three months in use and so far it hasn't budged.

Step 5: Well Deserved Break

My, that was exhausting. Go take a well deserved break and enjoy your new bathroom accessory!