Introduction: How to Modify Strawberry Topsy Turvy

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.This picture shows the first time i used a Topsy Turvy. It didn't grow any Strawberry's that i could really eat .I started realizing a few things as the growing season went along. The first thing i noticed was  as the season went on the soil on the bottom of the Turvy got really  hard and compacted .Even though i used very good  soil with peat moss and miracle grow to help, it still would get compacted.
 So as i watered it .The water would only  get  down to about half way down the Topsy Turvy  So not all the plants were getting food and water .So i got a idea and this is how it all worked out .

Step 1: Feeding Tube Drawing

This is a drawing of the feeding tube i made to  held feed the strawberries in  a  Topsy  Turvy..

Step 2: Cutting the Feeding Tube

Picture #1 shows  me cutting a piece of 1 1/2 pvc tubing 21 inches long..
#2 and #3 shows me putting a mark every 1 1/2  inches all around the tube.

Step 3: Drilling and Capping the Tube

1st pic Shows drilling all the holes with a 1/8 inch drill bit .
2nd  and 3rd pic shows gluing a 1 1/2 end cap to plug the end of the tube.
4th pic shows it all finished and ready to insert into the Topsy turvy.

Step 4: Inserting the Tube to Finish the Job.

 I inserted the tube into the Topsy Turvy and filled  it with  soil . Now all the plants can get the proper water and nutrients it needs to grow Yummy and plump strawberries!
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