Modify a Pencil Holder to Keep All Pens and Pencils STANDING Up.




Introduction: Modify a Pencil Holder to Keep All Pens and Pencils STANDING Up.

I keep a large collection of watercolor pencils and ink pens handy at my drawing table and I HATE it when a holder has too few items and they flop all over the place.  I want them to stand up, visible and ordered, no matter how many are in the divider.  So, I had this idea to glue in card or plastic walls but that seemed too much work. So, here in Taiwan, we have these JUMBO straws for drinking tea with jelly balls (black pearls) in the bottom.  These jumbo straws are cheap and prolific and just right for holding pens and pencils. I cut them to length with a pair of scissors and place them, tightly, into the holder. Friction alone keeps them in place. Now, every pencil and pen stands at attention, always ready to respond to the call to action... my own army... my own little, colorful army... (cue evil maniacal laughter).   I don't know if you can get these jumbo straws in your area, but if not, perhaps this will inspire you to find cheap and similar components to make your army... I mean, your art table stand up and be noticed. Total cost, 25 cents US for a bag of 25 straws.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I know what you mean about them all falling over. I use card post tubes and plastic pipe cut into lengths glued togther with hot glue (yuk yuk yuk) but its the only thing that works.