Modify Your Hoop Wicks for Safer Contact



Introduction: Modify Your Hoop Wicks for Safer Contact

About: Tara McManus is a circus performer, costume designer and event producer.

Fire hooping is a really exciting art form that combines the fun of hooping with the dangers of fire! Fire hoops often have "spokes" coming off the hoop with wicks on the end. On the body fire hooping is relatively safe though you run into some burns when you start doing off the body arm tricks, thats why most spinners wear Kevlar sleeves to protect their arms. Another danger of most wick designs is a metal wire that wraps over the wick to keep it tight. As most fire spinners know, briefly touching flame doesn't hurt, but briefly touching hot metal does- and it can brand you. "fleshing" (making contact with the flame) and fire eating are really fun practices when done safely and can really amuse a crowd. An important rule for fleshing and eating tools is that there should be no exposed metal on your wicks. By covering up the metal wire on your wicks, you can add fleshing and eating to your fire hoop act without getting nasty brand scars on your body, like I did (picture attached!). I modified my Quick Wicks® as an example, but this mod can be done to any other fire tools that may have metal clamps, wire or nails!

Step 1: What You Need

- Quick Wicks® Available here (or any other tool)
- 1" tape wick Available here
100% Kevlar® thread Available here
- Kevlar scissors (helpful but not necessary) Available here
- Needle nose pliers
- Heavy duty sewing needle

Step 2: Sew the Wick Tape Over the Metal

Wrap the wicking over the metal, remember to fold the edges at the ends so they don't fray. You can use a curved or straight needle, the wicking is tough to sew through so you may need the pliers to yank it through. BE CAREFUL!

Step 3: Happy Hooping!

Happy hooping! hoop safe and have FUN!

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