Introduction: Modifying the Wheels of My Office Chair With Rollerblade Wheels

So the idea is to remove the wheel and modify the caster's to accept Rollerblade wheel's,

You can buy some any where But rather make my own,

I use old Rollerblade, I needed 10 wheel's, So 2 pair of Rollerblade,

If you are looking for old wheel's to repurpose, Try kids cheap Rollerblade,

You need good rubber, but not fast bearing, Unless you want to race with your chair, :)



Supplies :

10 Rollerblade wheel's

10 Wheel insert to shrink the size of the bolt,

5 - 3 inch. bolt

10 - Washer,

5 - Lock washer,

5 - Nut's, Or Lock-nut's

5 - Sacrificial wheel, If your not sure, and don't want to mess up the original wheel's :)



Tool's I used:

Band saw,

Table sander,

And every day tool's

Step 1: Removing the Old Plastic Wheel's

My first set of wheel's where not good,

The wheel's where not easy to remove, even had to use to press drill,

These where pretty easy

Some effort and a screw driver,

Step 2: Cutting the Little Fender's of the Caster's

With the Bandsaw, I remove some of the little fender's of the caster's,

But not all of it, to keep it strong, My first set, I remove all of it, Did not have time to use to chair, One crack,

Be careful, Dangerous blade,

The plastic melt's and harden in the table insert, I had to learn to clean it often , :)

Step 3: Sanding the Caster's

You decide how much sanding you want to make,You don't really see them wen finish, :)

Step 4: ​Assembling the Caster's,

Depending on the caster's you have, and the length of the stem,

I had to put washer's each side of the caster's before the wheel's,

And a washer on the stem, the wheel's where rubbing on the caster's.

I have no photos of the installation of the wheel insert adapter, :(

Here is wath they look like, :)

Step 5: Installing the Caster's on the Chair,

With a lot of pressure they do pop in , :)

Step 6: It Rool's Prety Well.

Pink my cat, Like's it lol

Step 7: Here Is the Video That the Picture Where Taken From,

Tank's for watching, :)