Introduction: Modular Cake Box

This is a box that accommodates a very large odd sized cupcake cake. It was my daughters wish to have a princess dress cake. Because what else would a 5yr old princess want?
Ok, it's not everyday that you need a custom made box for a cake. But this particular cake :
1 has to be assembled and stored the night before
2 driven a long ways to chuck e cheese
3 be displayed for all of the kids the wood shop!!!(with finger raised high in the air)

Step 1: Make Up the Platform

This will serve as the serving plate eventually. When finished I will wrap with tin foil.

Step 2: Bottom and Sides

The bottom first. This will serve as the size for every around it. The sides and back will have a 1/4" groove cut in 3/8" for the top to slide into.
The sides alcohol have vertical grooves 3/4" for the front to slide up.

Step 3: Glue and Go

Now that the sides and back are cut to length, glue it up. I lay it out upside down and glue the sides the glue the bottom. NO fancy clamps needed. Just use a pneumatic brad nailer to hold it in place until the glue dries.

Step 4: Front and Top

Now that the frame is constructed the front can be cut. The piece once done will remain removable. Then measure and cut the top.

Step 5: Trim

I added a little piece of quarter round to the front of the front piece. And a piece to the bottom of the top. Mostly decorative.

Step 6: Voila

This is it. Easy peazy. Hope this helps if you're out searching for help

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