Introduction: Modular Cardboard Lampshade

The light on my living room ceiling fan was too bright and reflecting on my tv, so I decided I needed a lampshade that would direct the light up and block the light from the sides. This cardboard shade was easy, quick, and made entirely from discarded materials.

This shade can be scaled up or down depending on how large you cut each piece.

Step 1: Materials

cardstock template

scrap papers

box cutter



lampshade ring (optional)

hot glue/glue gun

Xyron sticker maker OR craft glue

binder clips (optional)

Step 2: Template

Draw a right triangle (30 degree angles with all sides the same length). You could also print the image in this step and cut it out.

Draw another triangle outside the first. This one doesn't need to be quite so perfect.

Cut out the outside triangle.

Cut the points off at the points of the inside triangle.

Step 3: Trace and Cut

Trace the template 15 times onto the cardboard and cut them out with a boxcutter.

Step 4: Trace

Fold the edges of the template in and trace the triangle onto the center of each piece.

Step 5: Cut

Gently cut along the lines so that the top layer of cardboard is cut but the bottom layer is left intact.

Bend at each cut.

Step 6: Check

I used binder clips to make sure all my pieces lined up well. This step isn't entirely necessary, but it's a great way to try out different shapes.

Step 7: Rim

With a hot glue gun, glue five pieces together into a pentagon and trace the shape onto another piece of cardboard.

After cutting out the pentagon, cut out the center about 1.5" from the edge.

Step 8: Glue

Glue the last 10 pieces together alternating between point up and point down.

Glue the top onto the sides.

Glue the rim onto the open side.

Glue the lampshade ring onto the rim. If the ring doesn't fit your needs or you don't have access to one, you could also cut some cardboard to fit your lamp.

Step 9: More Templates

Fold each side of the template in half and make a crease at the edge.

Draw a line from each crease to make a triangle in the center.

Trace the top triangle onto another piece of cardstock to make a large triangle.

Trace and cut a duplicate and trim it down for a smaller triangle.

Use the large and small triangles as templates to cut pieces of scrap paper into triangles.

Step 10: Stickers

I ran my triangles through a Xyron sticker maker, but you can also just use some glue to apply them.

Step 11: Stick

Apply your triangles to your lampshade.

If you didn't use a sticker maker, brush some glue on the back of each piece to apply.

Step 12: Enjoy

Hang your lampshade and enjoy!

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