Introduction: Modular Flower Tower

This Instructable documents the processes that I have used to create modular flower brick that when combined with 5 other components will create at 28" diameter circle that can be stacked to create a column. Check back in for updates on the process.

Step 1: Form Development and Layout

Step 2: Deciding the Petal Pattern

Step 3: Drawing the Form in Rhino

Step 4: CNC Routing the Form in Foam

Step 5: Vacuum Forming the Form With Styrene

Step 6: Preparing the Mold With Mold Release.

A wide variety of materials can be used for mold release. In this project I chose to use paste wax because I plan to finish the outside of the paper mache forms with paste wax.

Step 7: Rip Strips of Tissue Paper

Step 8: Lay Tissue Paper in the Mold

Using a mixture of half PVA glue and half water I begin to apply the paper to the mold with a paint brush.

Step 9: Remove the Paper From the Mold and Finished Product