Modular Gear Bandolier MOLLE/ALICE Compatible

Introduction: Modular Gear Bandolier MOLLE/ALICE Compatible

About: I run a quilt shop, so I blow stuff up and build things in my free time to maintain my man card.

Everybody loves to wrap stuff in paracord now you have practical reason. All I did was wrap a 6ft nylon compression strap in a 100 feet of paracord using the basic "cobra" knot. I adjusted the strap for length before wrapping.

The knife sheath was added as a proof of concept. How to's abound on internet for it. The important part was the addition of three strips of plastic on the back. One strip is woven through the paracord while the other two secure it in the same manner that gear is attached in the PALS system on MOLLE gear.

The bandolier clips together and can stand alone or clips can be added to a small bag and the bandolier used as a strap. I plan to add a flashlight holster to my bandolier so the two items I like to have handy while lost in the woods are easy to get it.

By wrapping back pack straps you could add the same gear attachment ability to your pack if the Chewbacca strap is not your style. I am not getting into the how to because nothing here is new it is just how it goes together.

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