Introduction: Modular Hydroponics - Sprouter Modification

This is a modification, very minor, which accommodates growing bean sprouts rather than actual plants.

I have kept the sprouter separate from the reservoir containing nutrient ONLY because I am unsure of the ramifications of eating sprouts grown in nutrient rather than straight water. I am also unsure if there would be any health concerns over using the same water for 3 to 4 days. I did it and the sprouts came out looking, smelling and tasting fine. I know, however, that is plenty of time for harmful bacteria to grow, so if anyone has experience in this area, comments for myself and anyone who might build this would be greatly appreciated. I know that I can add chlorine, but would be interested in any other methods for controlling bacteria/toxins during the growing or washing processes.

Conveniently, many wide mouth plastic containers fit inside a 2L bottle. I chose peanut butter jars for this over a yogurt container, as in Toilet Tank Bean Sprouter, because the water enters the system from the bottom instead of the top. The yogurt container would work, but the 2L bottle would have to be trimmed to the correct height.

Step 1: What You Need

1 ea 2L pop bottle
1 ea plastic jar that fits inside a 2L bottle - peanut butter jar in this case
1 ea drill
1 ea 1/64 inch bit
1 ea 1/8 inch bit
1 ea utility knife (to cut 2L bottle)
1 ea Modular, Windowsill, Air Powered, Hydroponics Herb Garden/Experimenter

Step 2: Sprouting Chamber

1. Cut bottom off 2L bottle. Invert and screw into place in the Modular, Windowsill, Air Powered, Hydroponics Herb Garden/Experimenter.

2. Drill 1/64 inch holes in the bottom and up the sides of the peanut butter jar. Pattern is a matter of choice as long as the water can fill and drain the jar completely.

3. Drill a 1/8 inch hole in the lid to allow the air to vent during the fill and drain processes.

4. Put drilled peanut butter jar, or equivalent, into the inverted 2L bottle.

Step 3: Operation

1. Fill Sprout chamber with the desired amount of beans/seeds and close lid.

2. Place into inverted 2L bottle.

3. Fill reservoir with fresh water.

4. Fill and Drain at least twice a day. Mine is set to fill for two minutes, six times a day as it shares a timer/pump with another unit.

5. Allow to run for 3 to 4 days. Remove sprouts, wash/rinse, eat as desired. I would recommend cooking them to be safe. If run constantly, change water often to avoid toxicity.

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