Introduction: Modular KNEX Car System

Welcome to the all new Modular KNEX Car System.

This is my second entry for the toy rods and connectors contest so if you would give me a vote that would be great.

This is my latest KNEX project, a new kind of KNEX car! At first glance the car looks like a nice little KNEX car but if you study it a little longer then you will notice that it is made out of 3 segments and a roof. What this is for you is a car that can be easily customized to your own design and liking, and it is easy to create your own custom parts and attachments.

This idea came to me when I was in my room looking at an Automoblox car that I had received as a gift. It is a very interesting little car and I thought that I could create a new KNEX car that would use this system. These cars are quite pricey, they sell for about 38 dollars. But now you can have your own Modular Car that you build yourself out of your own KNEX.

I plan to take this system to the next level by introducing new car parts and attachments such as a modular camper, a pull behind boat, and much, much more to come!

Here I show you 3 models built out of different components and parts and I will give you instructions for the base model and as I create new cars and models I will add those to the Instructables so that you can build them In the future.

I also plan on making a more advanced car with steering, doors, windows and more advancements.

Important Notes!

This model requires Y connectors, bendy rods, and small tan and blue clips. Also it needs spacers so if you don't have those then you should get them so that you can build this.

I have created a piece count so that you can see if you have all the parts that are needed for this model.

Some pictures may be a little blurry so I apologize.

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Also please give me your feedback!

Step 1: Induction and Information About the Build.

Before You get your KNEX out to build this I have some tips and tricks that will help the build go smoother.

1. Read the part count to find out if you have all of the parts for this project.

2. When you are snapping the KNEX together make sure that the pieces are snapped in all the way. This will keep your project nice and straight and it will make the build go a lot better.

3. Look at each picture closely and make sure everything is built as shown.

4. Do not modify the model as you build it. It will make everything work better. After you have finished, mod it all you want! And post pictures in the comments so you can show me what you have built using this system.

5. Sometimes it may be a little tricky to snap something in, but if you work at it or take a different part off, it will come together just fine.

6. If you need help or have a question just ask me in the comments.

7 . Read the image notes.

Now your're ready to build The modular KNEX Car System so go on to the next step and have fun!

Step 2: Piece Count

I have created an image that will tell you the piece count and show you what the pieces look like.

Parts list

1 silver spacer

19 blue spacers

10 Y connectors

2 blue clips

23 tan clips

4 wheels

1 small wheel

2 clear light caps


3 blue rods

4 bendy blue rods

83 green rods

21 yellow rods

22 white rods


22 red connectors

18 light grey connectors

36 yellow connectors

23 green connectors

22 orange connectors

39 dark grey connectors

Step 3: Front Section Instructions

This is the front section of the car, it is pretty easy to make. Just follow the images and read the image Notes.

Step 4: Middle Section Instructions

Now that you have built the front section, it's time to build the middle section of the car. This part is a little trickier to make but it's not that hard. Make sure to read the image notes.

Step 5: Back Section Insructions

Now it's time to build the back section, just follow the images and read the notes.

If you have trouble or need help please just ask.

Step 6: Car Roof Instructions

The time has come, you will build the roof after this and a few other finishing touches and then you will be finished. Yeah!!

Follow the images and read the notes.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Now that you have made all of the parts it's time to connect them all together. Follow the images and read the notes. You are almost done! Have fun with your new Modular KNEX Car!

Step 8: Coming Soon!

Coming soon!

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