Introduction: Modular LED Rev. 2

Step 1: Materials

many of these items can be improvised if necessary.

Step 2: Create Your LED Modules

1.start by unfolding your paper clip and snipping off two 3/4" sections. 2. solder the 2 LEDs in parallel onto the two sections 3. solder the negative lead to the very first lead of the headphone "thingy" 4. solder the positive lead to the very back lead. 5. create a shape from colored paper (colored is optional but preferred). 6. cut two holes for the leds in the bottom and tape/glue the module together

Step 3: Create Your Base

1. view the picture for step one pretty self explanatory. 2. drill,cut, or poke a hole in the top of whatever you plan to use as a base rather you build it or not. 3. place the headphone jack into the hole and glue it in.

Step 4: Have Fun With Your New Desk Toy

just as i mentioned with the last version I simply am showing the principle with a little innovation you could create an awesome modular lamp

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