Introduction: Modular Light, Sound and Security System Concept

Live every corner of life. Being a designer and home maker I always wanted to design a product which not only resolve issues we face in corners of our room but also have a cool piece of equipment, my design have changed from what I have uploaded here, but the concept remains same.

Do you see spider webs in the corners of your rooms ? or do you feel the air at the corner of your room is pretty static or the basic equipment like fan, lights or security system consume a lot of awkward space in your room, then this is just the right stuff, I am trying to integrate smart home system in it as well.

This is just a conceptual design and has not been tested yet, but I would love to bring this product to market.

Step 1: Modular Variety

This modular concept has the standard outer triangular outer frame, which has 3 mounting options, you can mount it on a wall with the the screws on wall using the 3 key hole face, or use the stand on other face, else use the magnetic face. The triangle frame has a led light ring behind the ball, which lights up the ball and led lights are at the thee ends as well, a display is installed at the bottom with control buttons and has a remote control as well, it has two USB + 3.5 female jack input and similarly USB + 3.5 female jack output, inbuilt mic for conference call

Just by changing the ball we can use it as

1) Fan - Blue

2) Speaker - Green

3) Camera + Projector (can turn, for security & video conference call) - Purple

4) Disco ball light (not included in this concept yet)

Step 2: Download and 3D Print

I have uploaded STEP format file, so that anyone can import in any major CAD software and select the parts they wish to 3D print, convert it to STL file and print 100% fill.

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