Introduction: Modular Miniature House Frame Parts

Hi and welcome to my Instructable! Today i will be showing you how i used a lazercutter and some 4mm thick plywood to make a modular set of walls, roofs, floors and stairs which you can add detail onto.

For this project i used a lasercutter, but you dont have to! Just print out some of the parts you want to use and glue them to a piece of foambord and cut them out. You can also use different thickness material as i did. Just scale the part to the appropriate scale relative to the thickness. So 2mm thick material is 50% thinner than the 4mm stuff i used so you have to downscale the files by 50%. 1mm=75% smaller etc.

For the structural parts i have used 4mm poplar plywood. For the roof shingles i used some walnut veneer had laying around but again you could use whatever you like.


I used:

-4mm poplar plywood

-Walnut veneer


Step 1: The Parts

In this instructable i've added two files, one with the Walls (black lines) , roofs (red lines), stairs (green lines) & floors (blue lines). And one with 2 types of roof sjingles, round and square (purple lines).

As you can see they all scale in size evenly. this way you can add all parts together. The walls also have some different configurations of windows and doors to fit your need.

I have designed the parts to fit in a lot of different configurations but its difficult to perfect, so sometimes you would have to sand/ saw some parts or fill some holes. I personally like the quirkiness of not all the walls fitting at a 90 degree angle, it adds caracter to the model.

Step 2: Building

Now you can build some model houses! Just puzzle around a bit to find the perfect shape building you like and glue it all together with some woodglue or crazyglue. I didn't implement a way to connect the different levels on top of eachother just so you could also make crazy slanted and crooked houses.

Last step is to decorate your new buildings ofcourse. But there are a lot of great tutorials online from people who are way better at it than me so just google around a bit and i'm sure you will find something you like And don't be afraid to try some new things, you could always cut the parts again :)

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