Introduction: Modular Origami

Make a stellated octahedron, a stellated icosahedron , or a simple cube using only paper.

Sorry for bad quality pictures!

Thanks to xavtek for the project cover.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is paper.

Make sure you have several square pieces of the same size. If you are gonna make the cube, you need 6 pieces. For the octahedron, you need 12, and 30 for the icosahedron.

Also make sure you have a lot of patience and free time.

Step 2: The Module

This step is the same for the icosahedron, octahedron, or the cube.

Start with a single piece of square paper.

Fold it in half, and then open it again. Fold both ends of the paper so they reach the middle of the square. Turn the paper and fold the sides as seen in the picture. Please note: you can fold either the left side or right side down, but you have to make all of the modules the same, or you are gonna have problems setting up. Ok, then fold the remaining edges up and down, so you get a folded square again, with these edges coming out. Turn it around again to fold it diagonally and your module is ready.

Repeat this step 6 times for the cube, 12 times for the stellated octahedron, ans 30 times for the stellated icosahedron. You can fold more if you want, in case you get some trouble making the whole thing.

Step 3: Setting Up

After folding all the modules, you get to the part where you set up the real thing. It's simple, you are gonna basically put the tabs in the right pockets.

Take 3 modules and set them up as seen in the pictures.

Keep doing this, having in mind the form you want to achieve.

Check these links to have a deeper idea of what is a stellated icosahedron or octahedron:
Stellated Icosahedron on wikipedia
stellated octahedron on wikipedia

I don't have any strategy for setting up, I just keep going until it's finished.

Step 4: Colorful Patterns

Try making the modules with papers of different colors, you get nice results.

In the picture you see a stellated octahedron set up with 4 different colors.

Step 5: Done!!!

These polyhedra are excellent for decoration. They also make an incredible DIY present.

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