Introduction: Modular Triple DIY Shelf

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I am a super-precise human being, always struggling for organizing my stuff and spaces in the best way possible. I always hated the mess I had in my garage, until I discovered the PlayWood assembly system and joined their community of makers, where I let myself get inspired and built this modular triple shelf.

Step 1: What Do I Need?

I already had at home some layers fir boards, which I used to build this project; but I am sure you can find any other material or type of wood in the many DIY stores all around our cities. Otherwise you could also use recycled materials and pallets.

Just a warning: by using PlayWood connectors be sure that the thickness of the boards lays between 16 and 19 mm (3/4" and 7/8")
In the picture above you can see me, using exactly:

  • 4 boards 60x40 cm - 23,62" x 15,75"
  • 6 boards 40x30 cm - 15,75" x 11,81"
  • 24 Connectors 90°and an Allen Key

Step 2: How Do I Build It?

I built a rectangular shape for the basement of my shelf and then I linked the first structure with other two rectangular blocks.

In few minutes I obtained a three-level-Shelves, without nailing or drilling any material!

Step 3: What Are You Waiting For?

I built this shelf without any loss of time and energy: easy, peasy, shelfy squeezy!

But to be honest, the best part of using these PlayWood connectors is that I can choose in any moment to re-project my piece of furniture and re-shape it: vertical, horizontal, something different by using only the materials I already bought. That’s brilliant!

Step 4: Tutorial