Introduction: Modular Wiring Installation

About: Panel Built Manufactures Modular Offices, Mezzanines, and Guard Shacks.

Step-by-step instructions on how to install modular wiring to Panel Built's binder post system.

Step 1: Install Junction Box Into the Binder Post

Place two pieces of cardboard between the junction box and the sides of the binder post.

Use two screws to fasten the back side of the junction box to the binder post.

Step 2: Add Modular Wiring to the Junction Box

Insert the modular wire through the bottom end of the junction box, while aligning the remaining cord through the top of the channel.

Step 3: Use One Hole Straps to Fasten Wiring

Screw 2 one hole straps to the binder post. One strap being 8 inches from the top of the junction box, and another strap being 8 inches from the top of the binder post.

Afterward, add your top piece of snap to the binder post.

Step 4: Connect Actual Wires to the Receptacle

Strip and curl the actual wiring.

Connect the exposed wires to the receptacle

Black wire to bronze screw

White wire to silver screw

Green wire to green screw

Tighten the screws on the wires when finished

Step 5: Wrap the Receptacle With Electrical Tape

Step 6: Screw the Recptacle to the Junction Box

Step 7: Finally, Add the Duplex Cover Over the Receptacle

Screw duplex cover to the Receptacle.