Introduction: Moga Hero Power Gamepad – 3D Printed Traveling Case

Do you want to have protected your expensive Moga controller when you traveling?

I do, so I wanted to 3D-print case to protect it, but I couldn't find anything online.

And I designed one myself in Fusion 360.

Check it out!


  • Easy 3D print
    • No Supports needed
    • 2 part print (after printing snaps together)
    • Designed for Single extruder printers
  • 3D printed locking mechanism + joints
  • Specially designed for Moga Hero Power controller
  • PLA compatible


  • Moga Hero Power Gamepad
  • FDM 3D Printer (recommended build volume 220x220)
    • filament (preferred color black + second color optional)
  • Patience even though the printing of both parts gets about 8,5 hours (4,5+3)

Step 1: Dowloading Files and Prepearing in Slicer

My slicer of choice is Cura, while it is free it has many great features!

(You can download Cura Here)

Download stl files for 3D printing

Preparing The print

Orient models as seen in pictures, just rotate the top part of the case, thebottom part does not need to reorient.

optional: You can add a pause for changing filaments (see Printing step)

Print setting

  • Layer height: 0.2 mm or finer
  • Infill: 12% or more
  • No supports
  • PLA compatible but PETG recommended

Step 2: Printing (optional Dual-color Logo)

You can use filament swapping technique to get a nicer look.

I recommend swapping to different color between 3rd and 16th layer (for 0.2 mm and in my case to orange filament)

Step 3: Assemble

Snap both parts together as in video and that's it!

If you have any questions, just ask!


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