Mold Making & Casting Class



  • Welcome to the infinite world of Mold Making & Casting!

    In this class, you'll learn how to make easy molds that will allow you to cast multiples of virtually any object – including 3D prints – in a variety of materials, like soap, plaster, chocolate, crayon, resin, metal, and more!

    In this introductory class, you’ll gain a solid understanding of fundamental techniques that will empower you to tackle almost any mold making project.

    You'll learn what undercuts are and how to recognize them on your models, determine what kind of mold and mold material to use, how to build and properly seal mold walls, and how to cast in numerous materials.

    It may seem daunting, but I’m a product designer and ceramicist who has been making molds for over 15 years, and I'll be with you every step of the way. I look forward to teaching you how to cast your way to a customized world!

    Enter an Instructables Contest!

    If you've used the skills you learned in this class to make something awesome, you might be able to write an instructable about it and enter it in our Hand Tools Only Contest to win some great prizes!