Introduction: Molded Chocolate Bars

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Make branded or themed chocolate bars at your next party or event! Have custom chocolate/candy molds made by your design or make them yourself if you have access to a vacuum forming machine. Provide molten chocolate in squeeze bottles and you've got yourself a good time.

Step 1: Plan for Your Setup

To start, we need to estimate some quantities before any purchases are made. We purchased enough supplies to make 400 chocolate bars. According to this chocolate converter (, every pound of chocolate will yield 21.6 fluid ounces of chocolate. The capacity of our chocolate mold was 1.59 fl oz so in order to make 400 bars we needed nearly 30 lb of chocolate.

( [# of chocolate bars wanted] x [mold capacity in fl oz] ) / [21.6 fl oz] = [# of pounds of chocolate needed]

To make a molded chocolate bars activity at a party, you will need to following tools:

Candy bar molds
Though we only had room for 8 people to work at a time, we had 20 molds made to account for the time molds spent cooling in the ice bath

6 – 16 oz Squeeze bottles

6 – 32 oz Squeeze bottles

3 Crockpots or water baths

Paper or plastic to wrap your tables

Instruction sheets

Plastic baggies for the finished bars

4 – 2" deep trays



And the following ingredients:

20 lbs tempered milk and dark chocolates

Merckens Candy Coatings from Oasis Candy Supply

10 lbs tempered colored candy coatings

Merckens Candy Coatings from Oasis Candy Supply

Chocolate bar adds like malted milk bits, rice crisps, sprinkles, etc.

Step 2: Setup the Table

Wrap the tables in paper or plastic or plan to have some wet rags handy for intermittent clean up. Fill your crockpots 1/3–1/2 full of water and set to high. Fill 3 of your 32 oz squeeze bottles with milk chocolate, 3 with dark chocolate wafers and your 16 oz bottles with colored wafers. Put the bottles into the water baths. As they melt, you will have more room to add in additional wafers. If you do not have time for the wafers to melt slowly in the water bath, you can melt the wafers in the bottles in a microwave. Once the chocolate is entirely melted, turn the pots down to a warming setting for the duration of the party.

Fill bowls with your chocolate bar add ins. Do several bowls of each so they can be reached from several different points at the table. Mark any allergens for each of the add ins.

Put your plastic baggies and molds out in a few bowls to keep them orderly and off the working space.

Set out your instruction sheets.

Immediately before the party, put out your trays of ice. Keep the ice shallow so the bars won't submerge easily while hardening. These will require maintenance throughout the party as you dump melted ice and refill.

Step 3: Making the Chocolate Bars

Use the squeeze bottles of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and colored white chocolates to fill your mold. Tap the mold against the table to remove airbubbles as you go. Fill the mold (do not overfill) and place your mold in the icebath for about 5 minutes or until solid. The chocolate will go from being very glossy while liquid to a satin sheen when solid. Pop the bar out of the mold and put in a plastic bag to snack on later!