How to Make a Jacket Mold

Introduction: How to Make a Jacket Mold

About: Hi, im a huge geek and admire the work of those involved in designing the games and movies that I love. So much so that I do my best to bring the things from the screen into reality! I also hope to be able to …

This tutorial shows you how to make a brush up or jacket mold of an object. The video shows time lapse video clips of the entire process as well as extended sections where I show you the process and talk you through it while I make the mold in front of the camera. Material used is an RTV silicone and fiberglass matting as well as polyester resin (fiberglass resin).

The object in this case being molded is my replica dragon priest mask from the game skyrim but this can apply to many different objects.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you like my work click here to head over to my facebook page and see everything else I am working on!

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