Introduction: Molecular Banana Split

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I have been creating molecular recipes the last few days to enter in the dessert contest. I decided to make a banana spilt and it turned out really well! Some molecular dishes don't have a lot of flavor and kind of a weird texture but this was delicious! This was my first time attempting  spherification. The first time I try any molecular thing something always goes wrong. This time it wasn't that bad except I had a problem getting the chocolate spheres to turn out right but eventually I got them to the point were the were just about right. I hope everybody enjoys this instructable on how to make a molecular banana split! If you like this instructable please vote for me in the dessert contest!

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials

Heavy whipping cream
Vanilla extract
Chocolate ice cream
Sodium Alginate
Calcium Lactate

Immersion blender
2 containers full of water
Blow torch

Step 2: Strawberry Sphere

The strawberry spheres are made by mixing strawberries and heavy whipping cream with an immersion blender. Then whisk in about a third a package of calcium lactate. If the mixture is very runny you can add a little xanthan gum to thicken it. Make sure not to over mix or it will turn into whip cream.

Step 3: Chocolate Spheres

I made the chocolate spheres by mixing heavy whipping cream,  melted chocolate ice cream, and a third of a package of calcium lactate. Not all of the chocolate spheres I made turned out right but some of them did. Another way to make these that would probably work better is to mix heavy whipping cream with coco powder and sugar.

Step 4: Vanilla Spheres

The vanilla spheres were made by mixing heavy whipping cream with sugar, vanilla extract, and the rest of the packet of calcium lactate with an immersion blender.

Step 5: Sodium Alginate Bath

To turn the three mixture you have just made into spheres, use an immersion blender to mix 1 packet of sodium alginate into 2 cups of water. Put the sodium alginate bath in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Remove the bath from the fridge and pour spoonfuls of the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla mixtures into the bath. Allow them to sit for 3 minutes and then move the spheres into a bowl of water to rinse.

Step 6: Bananas

Cut the sides off of a banana so that both sides of it are flat. Pour sugar over the top. Now it's time to use a blowtorch! Blowtorch the sugar until it's hard and the color is like carmel. 

Step 7: Presentation

Take 1 of each flavor of the spheres and place them on the caramelized banana. Serve immediately.

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