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Introduction: Moleskine Adventure Bag

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In need of nothing but a Moleskine and a pencil for a sketchbook adventure? This handy 3D printed chain clips onto a standard hardcover Moleskine notebook to turn your trusty booklet into a bag of its own.

As part of an AiR group mini project, I used openJSCAD to make this Moleskine accessory. The chain prints in place and the script is somewhat parametric, allowing you to make variations of the chain depending on what you most prefer. This file prints best in SLA as it requires quite a few supports.

For this project, you'll need:

1.) Large Bed SLA printer (like an object machine) with resin

2.) OpenJSCAD (in browser works)

3.) Lacquer ( I used nail polish) for finishing

Step 1: Scripting

Here are a few useful links for OpenJSCAD:

OpenJSCAD User Guide

OpenJSCAD Github Page

OpenJSCAD is a great tool for creating 3D models using Javascript. They tend to create messy meshes, so make sure to clean before attempting to print or your plans to turn the digital world into the physical world will surely be foiled! My script allows you to change the look of the chain links and the body of each link.

Step 2: Composition

To print with the Object machine, the chain needs to be compiled with handy Moleskine clips created by Taylor Levy. I booleaned additional clips onto the main clips that can hold a pen. Once the arrangement is complete, time to press print!

Step 3: Printing

The object printer uses SLA to print easy to remove supports and resin models. The print took about 5 hours total and can be cleaned to create loose chain links that are flexible, yet strong.

Step 4: Cleaning

Once the print is cleaned from supports, the resulting chain is sturdy and functional. I continued on to finish my print for a shiny outcome.

Step 5: Finishing

Using nail polish as a (very smelly) lacquer, I dripped paint over my model. I added a bit of gold power to the paint tray for subtle sparkle.

Step 6: Adventuring!

With the chain complete, it's time for an adventure! Where will you go with your Moleskine adventure bag?

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