Introduction: Alarm.

Well , u guys must b wondering what is mom alarm , is it a alarm which can get u up like ur mom does ..? or does it can speak like mom ...? or something like that ...? , then let me say its not. its just a simple alarm which wakes u up in the morning with or with out the same old boring sound of the buzzer.

Then y say mom alarm...? , well i used to b a morning sleeper and i dont usually gets up on time so my mom used to call me two , three time , "JUSTY..! ,JUSTY..!" to wake me up , but no , ends up, me sandwiching my head between pillows , then she comes and directly switches off the fans and as a result of that i used to get my .a... .... in school on time .

Step 1: About.

The device basically turns off the fan when the alarm is triggered along with activating the warm lamp so that it pushes u to wake up on time , there is a toggle switch included to turn the buzzer sound on or off (some people really need all.) its a relay based device and no extra ic or chips are needed . any regular jo can make this extremely use full device.

Step 2: Stuff U'll Need.

Step 3: Take Apart the Clock

Step 4: Remove the Hands , Screws , Clips .

Step 5: Get in Side , With Care .

Step 6: This Is the Main Circuit Board , Take It

Step 7: Using the Relay Build Another Circuit Board

This circuit board is to be fixed behind the clock after assembling it again , so should make sufficient number of holes on the clock housing . the toggle switch is added so that to full fill the function ,to hear the buzz sound or not .

U can also use easily removable battery clips so that u can remove the battery(3.7v) and charge it after 3 weeks or more.

when u hack into the clock ull notice that ,the trigger is connected only to the negative of the clock battery(1.5v) so no need to solder it to the trigger itself , u just need to solder it to the negative terminal end and the trigger end so that u get a switch like set up .

Step 8: Be Very Care Full , Proper Care Is Needed While Working With Main AC Lines , and Proper Insulation Is Need in This Set Up .

I have added an extra feature also to turning off the fan along withturning on the lights

Make sure that the fan's switch is in series with the relay and the light's switch is in parallel with the relay. so that in the fan on by relay state ( normal relay off state ) also u can control the fan .

Be very carefull not to get shock or not to short circuit the connections.

Step 9: Finally Attach, Assemble Every Thing and Set the Alarm to the Desired Time and GO TO SLEEP.

could use a 2 pin connector if u want to mobilize the alarm clock, so that u can connect it to the relay when u need the device to work .

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    7 years ago

    Turning off the fan will be enough to wake people in summer days ?