Introduction: Mommy's Mini CHOCOLATE DALEKS! #nobake

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Make an army of Daleks ready to invade your next party!
I came up with these for my son's birthday years ago & have brought them to Halloween parties & etc since.
Better than making one big Dalek cake I think, since everyone (especially the kids) loves getting a little one of their own : )

It's a lot of work, though. A labor of love. Or megalomania - depending on the cook.

BTW: Apologies for the horrible pictures. The kitchen I made these in at the time had really poor lighting, and I've never got it together enough to do a re-shoot.

Step 1: Ingredients (pt1)

Ready made chocolate frosting
Hostess (or other mass produced) chocolate cupcakes - Buy as many cupcakes as you want to have Daleks. Adjust quantities of other ingredients as necessary.
Chocolate chip morsels
Chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos)
Mini chocolate frosted donuts (approx. size of cookies)
Fudge covered marshmallow cookies 
Small pretzel sticks, Chocolate covered Pocky
Cheerios (colored, if you can get them)
Good & Plenty candy (red bits only)
A drinking straw to use as a tool
Cookie sheets for transport & storage
Base to set your work up on (helps with frosting process). I used styrofoam bowls, turned upside down

Step 2: Step 1 - Set Up

Set a cupcake upside down on the little card stock base that comes with it in package. This helps you move the piece later.
Please both on top of inverted bowl. This makes frosting and deco process easier.

Step 3: Step 2 - 4 Stacking Ingredients

In order,
on top of the inverted cupcake.
a mini donut,
an Oreo
& a marshmallow fudge cookie,
(with some frosting in between each for 'glue').

Step 4: Step 5 - Icing

Make sure your stack is nice & straight. 
Cover the donut & cupcake with chocolate frosting. 
Leave the cookies showing.

Step 5: Step 6 - Amass Your Army

At this stage, move on to the next Dalek, and the next, and the next......etc..
Bringing them all up to this stage of finish together.

The rest of the process is detail work, and I find it easiest/most satisfying to get the structural work done on all before moving on to finish.

Have a couple of cookie sheets on hand to set them on. You can easily pick them up by the little cardboard bases to transfer them there. Then, once room is made, put them - en masse - into the refrigerator to chill until you're ready for finish. 

OR - watch them pile up on the stove top and counter.
They don't really require chilling, and you may want to keep an eye on them as they multiply ; )

Step 6: Step 7 - Detailing Your Army

Add chocolate morsels around the frosted base, spacing them as they would appear on the real thing.
I got 3 in a row top to bottom, and about 6 rows all around.

I do this step to all Daleks before moving on.

Have Cheerios, Pocky, pretzels, the straw and red Good & Plenty bits on hand for next steps.

Step 7: Step 7 - Details......

You will be using the pretzel rods for arms. Sticking them into the donut layer.
Pick a grape colored Cheerio out. Dip one of the pretzel rods' end into the frosting and place the grape Cheerio on that end.
This is the plunger arm, it goes on the left.
Regular, plain pretzel rod goes on the right.

Chocolate covered pocky is the eye piece rod. Dip one end into frosting, same as for arm, and place a lighter colored Cheerio onto it's end. Insert completed part into front of marshmallow cookie top, centered over arms.

The Good & Plenty eyes will go on top into the marshmallow cookie.
You need the straw tool to pre-drill the hole for the candy, so you have a clean insert, without cracking up the fudge coating on the cookie.

Step 8: Done!

With all your Dalek's finished, place them back onto their cookie tray transports and seal them in the refrigerator until you are ready to release them. 
This last step keeps them from melting in warm weather, and stops them from escaping or signaling home.
(This is what you tell the kids, to keep them out of the fridge until party time ; )

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