Introduction: Money Clip / Change Holder

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  Do you ever get tired of digging for your change, or being held up in line as someone digs for theirs ?
  I did.
 One day I while taking a break from Oblivion  ( had a tough quest LOL ) , I noticed  that the lid from my Pringles can would fit on  my Icebreakers container....... hmmm, would make a good change holder . But, I wanted more.
 Looking around I saw one of the paperclips I use  as mini clamps when hobbying or crafting.
 Bingo!! Money clip!!
 So here we go! ( OMG! almost sounds like I'm actually

Step 1: What You Will Need

  A Pringles lid (any flavor will do,I like Hot & Spicy) .
 A Icebreakers container without it's lid.
  Paper clip
 Fishing line(So once you catch the deal you can reel it in! ;)  ) .
A safety pin , Needle, or some other sharp pointy thing to make a small hole.

Step 2: Putting It Together 01

Turn Icebreakers container over,place paper clip on it as shown,with lower arm close to the edge.
 Now you can trace aroung the arm if you like,then poke holes on it,or do as I did. Hold clip in place,use the safety pin to poke holes around the inside and outside of the arm.
 When thats done, cut a piece of fishing line as long as your arm and use it to attach the arm to the conatiner,( I did it like I was lacing up a shoe) . Tie off and trim the line.
 At this point you can cover this with glue if you like. I did just to make sure the line didn't get abraded and break.

Step 3: Putting It Together 02

 Insert bills into clip, turn over,put change into container,snap Pringles lid on.
 Viola !! Bills and change all in one place !!
 Now I can give exact change when paying,(  come on, we all hate digging for 1 or 2 cents. lol ) .  On a side note, I've stopped gradually walking in circles from the build up of pennies  when out shopping, etc. ;) :P
 If you've read this far, Thank you! Hope everything is " On kilter" and " Plumb Bubble" for you. :) :)