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Introduction: Money Origami Boot

These tiny origami money boots are so cute!. The design is actually a traditional one as shown here – it was originally a napkin fold. Imagine having boots beside your dinner plate! If you fold dollar bill boots and leave it for a waitress/waiter, you would still be putting boots on the dinner table!

It’s fun to make a pair of boots, so let’s get started because you’ve got twice the amount of work to do.

Here is the instruction video:

Step 1: Fold a Dollar Bill in Half Lengthwise (top to Bottom).

Step 2: Fold the Right Side Towards the Left.

Make the fold uneven so the left side protrudes a little beyond the right side.


Step 3: Fold Down the Right and Left Sides of the Model.

Position the folds so the top-edges align with the crease made in step 2.

Step 4: Fold Down the Left and Right Sides of the Model Again.

Fold down the left and right sides of the model again. This bisects the angle making the model more narrow.

Step 5:

Work with the right side only (this will be the foot of the boot). Fold up the bottom-corner so the right side becomes more narrow.

Step 6: Repeat One More Time: Fold the Bottom-right Side So the Model Becomes Even More Narrow.

Step 7: Work With the Left Side of the Model (this Will Be the Leg Portion of the Boot). Fold the Paper Towards the Right. the Flap Will Be Perpendicular. Note That the Crease Follows the Raw-edge of the Dollar Bill.

Step 8: Bring the Left-flap Underneath and Allow the Narrow, Right-flap to Be on Top.

Step 9: Fold the Model in Half (right to Left).

Step 10: Turn the Model Over.

Step 11: Wrap the Narrow, Bottom-flap From Behind Up to the Front. Tuck It Under a Layer of Paper.

Step 12: Rotate the Model So the Boot Stands Upright. Insert Your Finger Into the Leg Part of the Boot to Open It Up. Squish the Ankle Part of the Boot to Flatten It. If You Want, You Can Curl the Toe Up a Little.

To make a pair of money origami boots, you can repeat the same procedure with a second dollar bill – these would be identical boots.

Alternatively, you can make left and right boots. To do this, fold the second dollar bill as a mirror image. In step 2, the right side of the dollar bill should be a little longer than the left side. Continue to fold as shown above keeping the shorter segment of the dollar bill as the foot part of the boot.
Tutorial video:

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