Introduction: Money Origami Heart

A money origami heart is one of the easiest origami projects for novice crafters who are interested in folding currency instead of traditional origami paper. The money origami heart takes about five minutes to complete and makes a sweet little gift for Valentine's Day or whenever you want to say "I love you!" to someone special in your life.

You can use any bill you wish for money origami, although these projects are traditionally folded from dollar bills. If you travel, however, folding money origami from souvenir currency can be a fun way to create a vacation memento. The money origami heart featured in this tutorial is a very basic project commonly found in books for children and adult beginners

Tutorial video:

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Step 1: Fold Your Bill in Half and Round the Corners

When completing any sort of money origami project, you want to choose the crispest bills possible. Money that is worn and wrinkled is hard to fold evenly and won't hold a clear shape. If you can't find crisp bills in your wallet, ask a friendly bank teller for assistance.

To begin your money origami heart, lay the dollar bill face up and smooth out any wrinkles you see. Fold it in half, creasing firmly. Fold each corner to the side so that you are creating a slightly rounded edge on the other side of the bill. When you're finished, your money origami heart should look like the photo at the left.

Step 2: Flip the Bill Over

Unfold the bill. Turn it over. Fold the area in between the corners of the dollar. Do this for both edges.

Step 3: ​Fold the Top in Half

Fold the top of your dollar bill in half so that top half meets the end of the area folded in the previous step. This means that on the pyramid side of the dollar bill, the folded top half should cover the word "ONE." On the opposite side of the bill, the folded half should cover George Washington's face.

Step 4: Form the First Half of Your Money Origami Heart

Fold the right side of the bill upward in half, making sure your fold is in line with the middle crease. This completed fold creates the first half of your money origami heart. When you're finished, your project should look like the photo to the left.

Step 5: ​Complete Your Dollar Origami Project

To finish your money origami heart, fold the left side of the bill over the right side. This direct fold will give you a distinctive heart shape. Carefully flatten any wrinkles from your bill and round the edges of the heart, if desired.