Introduction: Money Printer Magic Trick

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This project shows how is made the famous magic trick where a regular piece of paper turns into a money bill.

You will need:

- Craft paper (22cm x 7cm)

- Adhesive tape

- Super glue

- Scissors

- 3D printed parts

Step 1: Use a 3D Printer to Print the Parts

The print will take more or less 2 hours to complete. Dont worry about the quality and use any color you want.

Use this time to prepare the rest of the materials.

Files are also available on Thingiverse:

Step 2: Glue the Parts Togheter

Follow the pictures and take care to not glue the cilinders to the frame.

Step 3: Wrap the Cylinders With the Craft Paper

Use the adhesive tape to roll the craft paper around the cylinders according to the pictures.

The paper should make the shape of a "S" around the two cylinders: when one is rolled, the another must unroll.

Step 4: Counterfeit Some Money ;)

Draw a counterfeit bill or use a blank piece of paper to be transformed into real money.

Make sure this paper has the same dimensions of the real bill.

Here in Brazil we have the effigy of the republic and some animal in every REAL bill.

Step 5: Hide the Real Money

Before show this magic trick, you will need to hide the real bill between the two cylinders.

The easiest way is to put bill in the bottom cylinder and roll with the thumbs

Step 6: The Prestige!

Put the fake bill in the opposite side of the toy and turn the cranck.

As the fake bill is rolled, the real one is unrolled.

People who watch will think you transform uselles paper into money.

Nice trick to do with kids.


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