Introduction: Money Printer

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This is awesome magic trick for kids to prank your friend to print your country money notes.

Material To Be Used :

1. Cardboard 5 Ply

2. Glue gun

3. Cutter

4. Polythene bag

5. wooden stick

6. sewing thread

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Sheet

First of all cut the rectangular shape cardboard sheet as per below.

1 x (15x5 cm)

2 x (12x4 cm)

And Take 4 sewing thread empty model.

Step 2: Stick Cardboard Sheet

Take glue gun and paste to both end of 15 x 5 cm card board sheet.

Then stick 2 x (12x4) cardboard sheet on this.

Step 3: Make Rollers

Take one sewing thread bobbin and stick with wooden stick as per picture.

Step 4: Drill Hole

Take drill machine and drill hole in cardboard sheet as per picture.

Step 5: Set Up Rollers

Then Pass all 2 wooden stick through this hole.

Step 6: Support

Take one rectangular cardboard and stick for support.

Step 7: Make Handle

Cut two circle of cardboard sheet and make handle of this money printer.

Step 8: Stick Handle

Then stick all two round handle with wooden stick for make rotation of this two rollers.

Step 9: Polythene Mechanism

Take polythene bag and cut rectangular shape of polythene.

Stick one end using tape and stick with one roller.

Then rotate this roller in anti clock wise direction till the second end .

stick this end with second roller.

Step 10: Practical

Take money note and roller in anti-clock wise direction.

Take one plain paper rectangular shape size of money note.

roller this duplicate note in back side of roller.

then enjoy this magic.

Step 11: Watch Full Video

watch my YouTube video.......