Introduction: Money Saver

This little dollar store item could save you $$$$. Problem is it doesn't work properly. It is repairable though.

I shall put my tongue firmly in my cheek as I create this entry in the Sew Tough competition ;-)

Step 1: What's the Problem?

The main problem is, the basement door was cut when the floor was carpeted. Now that we have gone back to the original 1864 hardwood, cold air escapes. You may not think this would be much of an issue, but it costs money to run the A.C.. Its like having a toilet that runs or a faucet that drips. It adds up over time.

Step 2: The Attempted Fix.

While wandering the dollar store I spotted this door seal. The wife liked the look of it, it matches our house's decor. Problem is its to light. You can put it against the door but only parts of it make contact.

Step 3: What's in It?

As you can see. Its filled with light fluff. It must be removed.

Step 4: What Should It Contain?

My pantry contained a large bag of rice. You could use a grain like oats or wheat. Since we stopped raising sheep we have no grain, so rice it is.

Step 5: Ok Now What

Now that it contains rice, how to close it up. I dig out the heavy duty case I found at Value Village for $5. It contains the heavy duty Singer sewing machine I bought for $150 a few years back at Canadian Tire They cost a bit more now.

Step 6: Sew It Up.

OK this machine has heavy duty parts, lots of power and can run at high speed. It can also do lighter work easily. There are lots of stitches and adjustments for someone like myself. All of them manually adjusted. No electronics to deal with. Place one end of the seam under the foot. Sew to the end then push down on the reverse tab and back up to the starting position. This completes the sewing portion of my Instructable. Impressive, wasn't it?

Step 7: Hurry Up and Block That Leak

Now that the redesign is complete, put the air dam in place. Notice how nicely it seals the opening. The savings are now adding up.

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