Introduction: "Watch Wallet" Secret Compartment

Step 1: Finding the Right Watch

It' s good to find a good watch for the job because you might take apart a really really good, expensive watch. You don't want to do that. Try to find a cheap, good quality watch (I used a broken ironman watch that my mom gave me).

Step 2: Taking the Watch Apart

See those 4 tiny holes? There used to be screws there. So take a small precision screwdrivers and take those screws out. Then, pull off the back panel, revealing the inner workings. Then all you have to do is take that out and push out the buttons. Now you have the body. Neat!

Step 3: Adding the Dough

Now that that's over with, all you have to do is insert the money into the empty case and you have yourself a secure way to carry your money! Can hold either 3 quarters or 1 bill and 1 quarter                                                        Please note that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you decide to do with this thing

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