Introduction: Monitor Wall Mount From IKEA Spare Parts

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A quick and easy Monitor wall mount from spare IKEA parts.

Ok so;

While looking around in my spare parts i came across some left over 'Dresser leg holders' ( i don't know the real item name). they are used by screwing them to the floor and sliding the legs in the the grove on them.

In my head i saw them as a 'Hook and saddle' that could be used for my secondary LCD screen.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts Needed

For this project you will need:
Tape measure
IKEA 'Dresser leg holders'
Wall plugs (i used 75lbs metal plugs)
2 Screws that fit your wall plugs

Step 2: Step 2: Mounting Brackets to Monitor

Start by removing the stand from the monitor, in my case the stand was already removed.

Using the pre-existing screws attached the 'Dresser leg holders' by screwing them through the existing factory screw holes. I set them with the opening facing inward to keep the monitor from siding off the wall mounted 'Dresser leg holders' witch will be mounted with the opening facing up.

Next you will want to find the center, with my level i was able to find a common number that sat in the same location on both brackets, I used 1" 7/8 witch sat 1/8" in from the center of the brackets so i would have a bit of play to move the screen around to fine tune the center location above my main monitor when it is on the wall.

This will also make it easier to remove as it will not have any resistance from the 'Dresser leg holders' being to tight and rubbing.

Step 3: Step 3: Mounting the Brakets

Now you will want to find the center position of where the monitor will sit.

I found the size of my desk (47 1/4") and divided it in half (23 5/8"), From the door casing my desk rest's against i marked my center point (23 5/8"). I then used my level, centered it and marked my 1 7/8' on both sides. 

These will be your location for your wall plugs. As i used 75lbs plugs they just screw in. After the plugs are in the wall, the 'Dresser leg holders' install the same as on the monitor,

Make sure to have the opening facing up so the 'Dresser leg holders' on the monitor have a platform to sit in and not just slip right through

Step 4: Step 4: Hang the Monitor and Your Done :)

After you have both brackets on the wall, its as simple as hanging the monitor by inserting the 'Dresser leg holders' in to the wall mounted 'Dresser leg holders' as it were a hook and saddle.

Think of it as hanging a jacket on a hook.

Having the monitor 'Dresser leg holders' sideways will keep the monitor from falling if it is bumped left or right. 

The only way to remove it to lift the monitor upwards. completely safe busy environments. 

And your done, That simple. 

-Drunken_Kitten (Meeooowwwwwwww)