Introduction: Monitoring System of Water Quantity and Quality of Turbidity

This device is used to monitoring your water usage and the quality of water turbidity based controlling Arduino Nano V.30. To calculate your water usage in this project using water flow sensor size G1/2 which is standard using in home based. while to detect the cloudness water or turbidity I use a principal of effect tyndall Spreading light into water turbid. So, I used photodiode and LED to combine in this project. But Of course you can detect or read water turbidity when the water is flow, I design this LED active on program when the flow water is not flowing. the water tubidity consist of three state show on LCD which are clearity, turbid, and very turbid. And aslo there is indicator LED.

Step 1: Prepared Your Arduino or Microcontroller

Step 2: Bulid the PCB

Fisrtly, to make a PCB you must design it. you can using eagle or fritzy software. make sure the design path was corrected according for your requirement to implement it. after designing the PCB you can print it to be hardware. in this case the components consist of Arduino Nano V3.0, relay, tripod, LCD 16x4, IC LM741 (non inverting), microSD shield, and buzzer.

Step 3: Creating Your Sensor

there are two sensor in here. First is water flow sensor 1/2" and second is photodiode. The pinciple of how water flow sensor works using HallEfect by magnectic impulse. And for photodiode we used it for detect the turbidity based priciple by transmitting the light. So, if the water become so cloudy the photodiode receive a littel light from led that means the output is voltage. so, you can arrange by using voltage to display the situation of your water that flowing in your pipe.

Step 4: Program Your Device

Step 5: Testing