Introduction: Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb is the name of this game. In this project, we will do a button on Arduino circuit so that you can play monkey bomb with it. This is a really cool experience to do and to play with, so i recommend you to do it.

Step 1: Step 1: Buy the Buttons

You need a button to make this project. It doesn't matter the type of button you use and the amount, but it cannot be a push button. In my project, I used arcade buttons. You can buy it here:

Step 2: Step 2: Buy the Wires

The wires need to have one male side. At one side, the pin should be removed with a player, and be soldered on the metal clamps at the bottom of the Button. The other side, with the metal pin, should be connected to the arduino board. You need two wires for one button, so repeat the process for another wire. You can buy it here:

Step 3: Step 3: Buy the Arduino Board

You need an arduino board to give functions for your buttons. When you have already finished soldering the wires of the second step, you can connect one wire to the GND and one wire to any number of the board, in my case, I used 2. The Arduino Board UNO can be bought here:

Step 4: Step 4: Download the Free Arduino Software

The Arduino Software is used to program. Everything you want your buttons to do, you need to program there.

Here is a link to download the app:

Step 5: Step 5: Program at the Arduino UNO App

This part is the most important, because you are giving your button a function. This code must include the keyboard library that you can download here: this version of the app, there is a bug with this library, but it will probably be fixed on next updates.The code uses as reference this arduino code:, but we have done a improved version, that you can check at the image. It configurates your button to do the function of a up arrow

Step 6: Connect the Arduino Board to the Computer/ Wires

Connect the Arduino board to your computer using the Arduino Usb cable that comes with your Arduino Board. Then, connect one wire to GND and the other to 2. Connect the other sides of the wires to the wires that come with the button to the button clamps at the bottom of it.

Step 7: Verify and Upload Your Code

Press the verify button on the top left corner of the Arduino app. Then, check if everything on the circuit is connected and upload the code to the board. Now your button already gave the up arrow function to your button.

Step 8: Play the Game

You can play monkey bomb with your button at this site in scratch.

it is a game created by my group, that uses only the up arrow.