Monkey Bridge (The Real Deal)




Introduction: Monkey Bridge (The Real Deal)

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The well-known, time-tested, traditional Monkey Bridge is perhaps the most familiar of all Scout pioneering projects. It’s frequently featured at Scout Expos, Camporees, Scout Camps, and is often a central attraction at public gatherings where Scouting is represented.

Using a double A-frame to build a monkey bridge is a departure from the usual X-frame that supports the foot rope and hand ropes. This new method has two distinct advantages over the X- frame version.

First, the double A-frame provides a wider base making it less likely to tip over. The second advantage is that the positions of the A-frames can be adjusted so the span between the hand ropes can be narrowed for better balance as you make the crossing.

Here's a detailed, step by step procedure and list of materials.

Step 1: Building A-Frames

Scouts lash together two 8ʼ spars and one 6ʼ spar to form four A-Frames.

Step 2: Doubling the A-Frames

Two A-Frames are joined together to form each side of the bridge.

Step 3: Position the A-Frames

The Double A-Frames are held up in the proper positions and at the right distance.

Step 4: Attach Foot Rope and Hand Ropes

Two Hand Ropes and one Foot Rope are tied on and anchored at either end.

Step 5: Attach the Spanner Ropes

Spanner Ropes are added to the Hand Ropes and Foot Ropes.

Step 6: The Monkey Bridge Is Tested

The Monkey Bridge is tested and adjustments are made as necessary.

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    3 years ago

    That's pretty sweet, need to try this at our next Troop outing. We have a ton of lashing poles and rope but don't always have room for them in the trailer.

    Larry Green
    Larry Green

    9 years ago on Introduction

    One major step that was not included in this instructable is ANCHORING! Of course, each side of the bridge has to be anchored, and this is explained in the detailed procedure, along with diagrams and descriptions of knots and lashings used during the building process.