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Introduction: Monkey Face Paint

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You won't know what to say this monkey face, as created by Josje Wolters (from her 2011 book Just For Fun Faces 2) won't do! However, this will be so easy to paint faster than you can eat a banana!

Step 1: Make the Face

I started off by using a cream / flesh tone face paint to make a round heart shape around the face. Then, for the next step, I used a burnt red to close off the edge around the face, created points across the cheekbones.

Step 2: Eyes & Fur

Next, I used a bit of orange over the eyes and also created fur around the burnt red edge on the face. Then, I went back into my burnt red or create a furry effect over and under the eyes.

Step 3: Features

To finish off, I used black for the bottom lip, and added bold effect to the orange fur around the face, as well as over and under the eyes. Then, I added nostril holes, and skin lines, and a little bit of color to the top lip. A white highlight over the eyebrows, skin lines, and tip of the nose completes this awesome monkey face.

Step 4: Monkey Around

Silly and mysterious as it is, this monkey face will leave animal fans screeching for joy!

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