Introduction: Monkey Got Banana

This little monkey got a banana loaded with potassium. He sits in front of the computer as a reminder to take a break and eat a fruit especially his favorite 'banana'. That ripe banana he's holding is as bright as his smile. It was fun making this little monkey and he's bringing some cheers. We're going to show how we made this that's slightly different color.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Sculpy clay

2. Paints: black, yellow, brown

3. Paint brush (small)

4. Paint tray

Step 2: Prepare the Monkey Parts and the Banana

Form a nickel-sized balls for the body and head. Also form six small balls for the ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Make a roll for the legs, two shorter rolls for the arms, and another roll the size of the legs for the tail.

Take a large piece of clay, at least four times larger than the size of the body, and roll it into a desired length for the banana. Using fingers, pinch one end to shape a slightly boxy stem of the banana. On the other end, lightly pinch to make a blunt or thick point.

Step 3: Put the Parts Together

Shape the body into a cylinder. Then put the parts together starting with the head by attaching the ears, mouth, eyes, and nose using the small balls.

Fold one of the long roll to form two legs and mount the body on the fold spot.

Attach one of the arms and place the banana so it's resting on the legs and attached arm. Attach the other arm so it wraps over the top of the banana.

Then attach the tail and completed head. Now you have a whole little monkey holding his trophy.

Step 4: Bake and Paint

Bake the constructed monkey at 275F 10 minutes for every quarter-inch of thickness. We baked this little monkey for 20 minutes. Let it cool.

Paint the banana with yellow, the body with brown, the mouth slightly lighter than the body by mixing a little bit of yellow and black. Then paint the eyes black or whatever color you like. Enjoy making one.

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