Introduction: Monopoly Bankers Tray

Hi All,

Monopoly has been, my son's favorite, during this long lockdown/pandemic.

It is a hassle to sort money every time and the banker's tray is not functional

So decided to make a new tray


  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Money can be left in it, so no more sorting
  • Kids friendly
  • Minimum efforts to build without any power tool
  • Storage space for token, house and hotels

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • Foam Board 5mm
  • Cutter
  • Super Glue
  • Steel Scale
  • Pencil, eraser etc
  • Paper Tape

Step 2: Cutting

  • Before you start cutting, we need to measure dimensions for the money
  • Mine was 100mm x 53mm, I kept a 5mm margin, so my new dimensions are 105mm x 58mm
  • Cut foam board as per the following
    • Base : 2 no of 110mm x 332mm
    • Back: 2 no of 332mm x 20mm
    • Partitions: 5 no of 105mm x 20mm
    • Spare piece: 1 no of 58mm x 20mm

Step 3: Super Glue

  • Start with the base and the back pieces, super glue it
  • I usually align the edges on one end and use a drop of super glue on the other
  • Similarly, I use a tiny amount of super glue to put all pieces together
  • Once all are good, I apply super glue generously
  • We had cut a small piece 58mm x 20mm that we will use to make a small box, to store tokens etc

Step 4: Finishing

  • Use paper tape and apply to join the two boxes at
    • Closed position
    • Open Position
  • The tape now works as a hinge as shown
  • Place the money in the tray and we are ready to play a long game of Monopoly

I hope you like this, please share your feedback and comments