Introduction: Monster BeanBag

Are your kids rooms overrun with stuffed toys?  This Monster piece of furniture that is useful as well as comfortable. 

Step 1: Materials

Fluffy fabric  (i used a king sized blanket that i got for $15 at a discount store)
Various scraps of fabric for eyes and teeth
Long zipper
Stuffed toys

Step 2: Cutting Out the Bag.

I got the basic pattern from using the link above and the adult sized bag.  You will need to cut out six panels. 

The top circle is 13" in diameter and is cut from the same fabric as the rest of the monster.

The bottom circle is 19" in diameter and is cut from canvas.  I used a double layer for extra strength.

The inside of the mouth is a long rectangular piece of fabric 35"x24".  A contrasting color works well.

The eyes are various sized circles cut out of white felt.  You will need two circles per eye.

Step 3: Sew the Bag.

Sew the six panels together.  Fold over your seam allowance to one side and sew for added strength to your seams. 

Sew on the top panel.

Leave the bottom panel off for now.

Step 4: Cutting the Mouth

The mouth of your monster will span almost two panels.

Starting at one of the seams halfway up cut a mouth that curves like a smile.  Don't cut across the entire panel.  your should be at least 2 inches away from the next seam.
Fold your fabric at the starting seam and cut the other half of the mouth.

Step 5: Design Your Teeth

I used a stiff felt like fabric for the teeth.

Fold the fabric in half and draw your design.

Step 6: Sewing the Mouth

Start by sewing your zipper to the top of your mouth fabric.

The bottom fabric will be layered with the bottom of the mouth and the bottom teeth. 

Repeat with the top using the other half of the zipper.

Sew the mouth pieces together at the corners.

Step 7: Eyes and Bandage

Sew on the iris and pupil circles to the top circle
Layer the two circles together and sew around the edges.  I used biase binding to make the edges look nice.

Cut out a bandaid shape from your fabric.  I used monk cloth which has a large loose weave and threaded yarn through it to create the lines and edges.

Hand sew the eyes and bandages onto the bag.

Step 8: Feed the Monster

Put as many stuffed toys as you can inside, leave your child's favorites to go between the monster's teeth.

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