Introduction: Monster Cell Phone

Seeing photos of japanese hime style phones made my moto RAZR look tragically drab. So, I decided to make my cell phone into a small horned monster. (I'm not down with needless obsolescence so getting a new phone wouldn't work for me.) I shaped it with 2-part resin and after it cured painted it with nail polish.

-Magic-sculpt resin and hardener ($26)
-nail polish (2x$4)
-x-acto knife ($3?)
-cell phone (70?)

For me the project used tiny amounts of supplies I already had. I think you could pull this off with polymer clay, E6000, and nail polish.

-cell phone lanyard
-cell phone charm

I think this would look great a lot of ways- I kind of wanted to do a panda but I actually already did a resin/nail polish panda for a thumb drive. Besides, the cyclops thing suggested by the RAZR screen lent itself well to the monster thing. But this would make an amazing cow. Ooh, also, coordinated wallpaper would be cool.

-your phone is going to be beyond ruined, warranties voided, and depending on how attentive you are you might cement bits off that needed to be functioning. (Does that put you off? Then the Hime/Princess fashion subculture girls are ballsier than you. :) )
-nail polish fumes are terrible, and there are a lot of them here. (see parenthetical taunt above)
-honestly, this phone is heavy enough that my wrist gets tired holding it up to text.

Step 1: Applying Resin

Mix resin and smooth it on in thin a thin layer. Keep away from the keys- I used an x-acto knife to trim away the spillover, which you can do before or after it cures. Covering my whole flip phone in resin may not have been wise as it now seems to strain the mechanism that flips it open. It might be better just to pick some features/shapes to affix to the phone rather than including a base layer of resin.

Step 2: Painting

This is the best step! Turn off your phone. Pick a nail polish and cover the phone with thin coats. if your phone has a removable faceplate it will be much easier to avoid painting the keys, of course. Some nail polishes go on in thin coats, and some in thick- it depends on the formula and temperature. As a rule, cremes (which I used) go on fairly thick, and holographic polishes go on very thin. I painted my phone in three stages so that each surface could dry before i had to rest the phone on it. The thick creme polish was hard to control smoothly so I textured the surface with drips of nail polish when the surface was fairly dry.

Note: I forgot to put the horns on with the rest of the resin, so I had to slice off the polish where I wanted them and then form them. I think this is a weaker bond, but luckily these are for show and not, you know, combat.

Step 3:

Cute, yeah? But it will eat your panda.

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