Introduction: Monster-Light

Modify a Bluetooth Path Light to Create a Monster-Light

Step 1: Items Used in This Project

  1. Bluetooth Path Light Low Voltage- Source Home Depot
  2. Transformer Low Voltage-Home Depot
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Solder
  5. Zip ties
  6. Scissors
  7. Laminating Machine
  8. Clear Tape
  9. Electrical Tape
  10. Sheet Protector
  11. Cardboard- about size of a paper sheet
  12. Wire Stripper- Source Amazon
  13. Flat Bar of Aluminum- Source Home Depot
  14. 1/2" X 8" PVC Riser- Source Home Depot
  15. Speaker Wire- Source Radio Shack
  16. EMT Pull Elbow Inside Corner 3/4"- Source Home Depot
  17. EMT Set Screw Coupler 3/4" Steel- Source Home Depot
  18. Pencil
  19. Dremel with accessories
  20. Glue-Source Walmart
  21. Exacto Knife
  22. Hookup wire-Source Radio Shack
  23. Monster Printout and eye

Step 2: Get Your One-Eyed Monster

  1. Print the images or you can also get any other one eyed monsters you desire.
  2. Print out the Monster you chose with the corresponding eye.
  3. Cut out your monster so only your monster is visible
  4. Set your monster cutout aside
  5. Get your Bluetooth Path light and start taking off the big 3 screws.
  6. Prep your Soldering Iron
  7. Locate the speakers on the top part of the light and remove all the screws.
  8. Your speaker wires should be exposed, using your soldering iron remove the wires from the speakers
  9. Remove the white dome from the Path light

Notes- Save your screws

Step 3: Skills With Scissors and Tape

  1. Grab the white dome and your monster print out
  2. Center and Align the dome on your monster and with a pencil trace out a circle
  3. Cut out the circle with some scissors
  4. Grab your eyeball and cut out the Iris only
  5. Use clear tape to laminate it
  6. Cut out any excess tape
  7. Using some Zip ties reassemble the base and the first tier piece with the white dome
  8. With some glue adhere the eyeball to the white dome
  9. Let it dry
  10. Grab your monster print and laminate it( just for waterproofing)-
  11. Substitute this step with clear tape or sheet protector if you do not own a lamination machine
  12. Cut out excess material

Step 4: Create Carboard Backing and Attach to Path Light

  1. With a pencil and your monster, trace out your monster onto the cardboard.
  2. Cut off the arm and legs of your monster on the cardboard
  3. Take off 1/8" border so the cardboard does not show around the edges of your monster
  4. With a sheet protector and tape cover the cardboard cutout to protect it from water.
  5. Align cardboard with Bluetooth path light and mark three holes
  6. Using zip ties secure the cardboard to the Bluetooth path light
  7. Grab your monster cutout and turn it over and place tape(can use double stick tape instead)
  8. Place tape all around main body
  9. Align and attach monster cutout to the cardboard

Step 5: Reattaching the Speakers

  1. To reattach the speakers for the Bluetooth Path light we need to extend the wires
  2. Cut two pieces of hookup wire about 4",
  3. Strip the ends off
  4. Solder to wire coming from Bluetooth Path light
  5. Use electrical tape
  6. Taking note of the negative/positive wire from the Bluetooth Path light route the wire into the top cover where the speaker goes. Negative wire has white dashed lines on it
  7. Solder the negative to negative terminal and positive to positive terminal on the speaker
  8. Screw Speaker back into the top cover
  9. Using two of the long screw, screw them into the top cover as far as they will go
  10. Using zip ties secure them in place on the top two zip ties in the main base of the path light

Step 6: Modification of Design Intent

  1. Remove the connector from the wires by pushing on the two tabs, some force by be required, use a blunt object so you don't hurt your fingers
  2. Cut 6" of speaker wire, 16 gauge
  3. Solder onto wire
  4. Cover with electrical tape
  5. Guide the wire through the coupler
  6. With some cardboard wrap the a pieces around the end of the post and secure (this is to protect the post if you want to reuse it).
  7. Guide the wire through the PVC pipe
  8. Wrap some cardboard around the PVC pipe and attach to other end of elbow coupler and tighten screw
  9. Reattach the connector

Note: if you try to use our little monster he will fall over cause he is not balanced

Step 7: Balancing of the Force

  1. Using the flat bar aluminum make a holder for the post
    1. Using a table vice grip make a 90 degree bend leaving 1.75" of material after bend. Bend was not straight, made it uneven so we can place the bar further back
    2. Make another 90 degree bend opposite of the bend you just made leaving at least 1.5" of material before bend
  2. Drill two holes for zip-ties at least 1.25" from bend
  3. Using dremel resize flat bar aluminum
    1. Flat bar aluminum was 36" in length, cut off 17.75"
  4. Use cardboard to line the inside of the groove that way the post does not get scratched up.

Step 8: Install and Play Music

Install your monster and connect to the Bluetooth and play your favorite scary music