Introduction: Monster Mask

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Another challenge from the Frankenstein200 Workshop!

You probably recognize Frankenstein’s creature from the classic Hollywood movie, or as a Halloween costume. In Mary Shelley’s original story, Victor Frankenstein was a science student who built a creature out of dead body parts and brought it to life.

Victor thought his creature looked like a monster, and he was scared of it. Other people are cruel to the creature because they’re afraid of him. The creature is even scared of himself when he sees his image reflected in a pool of water!

Do you think it is fair that everyone thinks the creature is a monster because of the way he looks?

In this activity, you will make a mask that lets you pretend to be someone or something else!

Step 1: Collect These Materials

  1. Download the Monster Mask template (or draw your own)
  2. Colored markers
  3. Scissors
  4. One large craft stick, or similar, for handle
  5. Tape

Step 2: Design Your Monster Face

Decide what you want your mask to look like. You can add extra parts to the basic shape! Use the markers to color it.

What can you add to give the mask character?

How will we know whether your mask is friendly or scary?

Step 3: Cut Out Mask

Cut out the mask, then make eye holes so you can see.

Step 4: Add Handle

Tape a craft stick to the back of the mask. It will be easiest to hold if you put the stick on the bottom.

Step 5: Test Out Your New Look

Now hold the mask up to your face, and look in the mirror! How do you look?

Did you design your mask to give it a certain personality or character?

What makes a face seem funny, scary, or just plain weird?


Did you make a scribble bot? Then share it with us! We love seeing what people make. All the best ones will be featured in our Showcase.

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