Introduction: Monster Tail Dreidel Charm

Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel I made it out of bands,Anyway my first instructable showing how to make a 3D dreidel out of rainbow loom bands and using a monster tail.It should take about 5-10 mins,longer the first time.Let's get started! Please vote for me in the 3 ingredient challenge.

You Will Need:

1. about 45 bands in 2 different colors

2. one monster tail loom hook(metal works best)

Step 1: Base

Take your first color mine is blue and place 2 bands the pegs with the number 1 (look at the diagram below)

then take another 2 bands and place them on pegs 3 then take to more bands and put them on one peg 2 twist it and putt on the other peg 2.

Step 2: Looping

Starting in the top row, peg 1, place your second color band from peg 1 to peg 2 then from peg 2 to 3, then peg 3 to bottom row peg 1, then from peg 1 to 2, and so on until you've reached the starting point. Now, you're going to start looping. Take your hook and take the bottom two bands on bottom row peg 1 and bring them over. Now repeat on every peg. You're going to repeat that with the different color (mine's blue) until you've done it 3 times Now you're ready for the next step.

Step 3: Stuffing

Take between 12-15 bands. You can use any colors but I like to use the same one's you're using for your dreidel because they blend better in case any bands poke out. Take any 4 or 5 bands and twist them together to get them as small as you can. Then stuff them in the dreidel. Keep it up until all the bands are in the dreidel.

Step 4: Last Bands

You are going to loop from top row 1 to 2,2 to 3,3 to bottom row like normal until you finish then loop the bottom two over.Now you are going to put one band in your next color over all pegs except 4s,then you loop all bands other than the one you just put on over the one you just put on.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Almost Done! Now be very careful and on the top row take the band from one side(it dose not matter which one)

and take the band and put it on the middle peg then do the same things with the other side,repeat with the other row.Next take the bottom band on one of the rows and put it over then put the new bottom band over,repeat with the other side.Take the 1 band from the top row and move it on to the middle bottom peg loop the bottom band over and pull on the only band left(not to hard).Pinch the bottom until you have a dreidel shape.Tada you have made a dreidel charm

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