Introduction: Monster Truck Motor

I am vanajakshi

I am from whitefield nook

I have done monster truck motor

Let's now see how to do


  • 3 big wheels
  • 1 thin stick
  • Battery
  • Motor 300 R P M
  • Switch
  • Ice cream stick
  • Battery
  • File stick

Step 1: Monster Truck Motor

  • Step 1:
  • Take one thin stick put in to the file stick
  • Attach wheals both side in the thin stick
  • Attach another wheal in to the 300 R M P motor

Step 2: Monster Truck Motor

  • Step 2
  • Using glue and attach the ice cream stick
  • Fix the battery clip in battery and attach middle of two wheels stick and also attach another motor wheel

Step 3: Monster Truck Motor


  • Attach for switch in ice cream stick
  • Give connection for batter
  • Finally ready for monster truck motor

Step 4: Monster Truck Motor