Introduction: "Monster" USB Hub

I was just thinking of this while readind another instructable by fungus amungus about how to make a USB Hub Monster. <-(link to it)

While I was reading it, it sounded like a good idea at the time to put  my 4-Port Usb hub into a monster can, and dress it up, well im currently working on a good way to dress it up, but i need more stability.

This is what i got so far and how to make it.    I will try to update on the progress.2

Step 1: Items Needed

1-Glue gun w/ glue (not shown)
Tape- I recomend black eletrical, because it blends in w/ the can (not shown, im out of tape)
1-USB hub (as big as you want just not bigger then the can itself)
some kinda cutting impulment (not shown) 
something to fill the can with for a snugg fit (i used paper towls)
maby some strong wire like 9 gauge
1-monster Can
1-Can opener
USB Accesorys( i have a guitar hero wireless remote reciever w/ 2 ports i used)

Step 2: Open and Fill

ok first use the canopener to open the can.
not hard right?
realy its not. its Just that you cant turn the handle to slice it open. 
you got to cut a little at a time by prying it like.

(if you dont want to do it this way try scoring the rim with a exacto-blade. i didn't try but it might be easier )

then fill with paper towles, or something more legit, untill you got the basic tallness of where you want your hub.

Step 3: Cut the Port's Area and Glue

Cut where your hub's ports lay and hot glue the hub in place and fill around the sides so it dosent come loose
add accesorys- and tape wire to the accesorys wire so it has a nice possision to it .

Step 4: My Basic Design

this is my basic design for my Monster Usb port

 And i want to see yours!!
if you decide to dress yours up, share your design with the world!