Introduction: Monster in a Box

What does this look like? An empty floss canister you say? Well, open it up!

This little creature is made from an empty floss canister that you get as as freebie from the denstist. He's portable, cute and/ or scary, and loveable. You can personalize your monster as you like, depending on if you're the kind to make people go "Awwwww..." or "Ahhhhh!!!!!" I have made one for my friend and myself, and anoter friend has made one as well.

These guys are especially fun to trick people into thinking it's floss. HaHa.

Ready to crack open those decieving floss canisters?

Step 1: Materials

The materials are just some ideas of what you could use and some are what I used.
  • Floss Canister
  • Colored electrical tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Buttons
  • Old peices of jewelry or small metal shapes
  • Plastic gems
  • Glitter
  • Liquid glue
  • Command strip
  • Glue Dots
  • Googly eyes
  • Plastic animals
  • duct tape

Step 2: Floss Canister

Remove the floss and cutting part from the floss canister.

Most floss canisters have bits that stick up in the middle where the floss sits. You are probably not going to want this on your monster because it (a) gets in the way and (b) prevents the box fom closing when something is put on it.

To get rid of this, first attempt to just beak the peices off if the bit is split into separate parts like mine was. Then, take the wire cutters and cut the bit down as far as you can make it go. WARNING: bits fly everywhere when clipped, don't point at anyone while clipping and don't look directly down at it while clipping.

Step 3: Fur

The electrical tape will serve as the fur. It is easy to work with and easy to glue things to. Measure a peice a bit wider than the canister and, using the wire cutters, clip the peice. Fold it over to where there is still enough sticky to stay attached to the box. Again using the wire cutters, cut small lines in the tape, not past the non-sticky part. Do this as regularly or irregularly as you please, but I don't suggest having big parts uncut.

Starting at the BOTTOM, stick it on the inside of the box. If there is any bits over the side, clip them. Now continue until the whole inside of the box is covered in the 'fur'.

Step 4: Eyes and Teeth

For the eyes, I used two blue buttons that I attached with glue dots. Mounting strips are also a good idea.

The teeth get a bit trickier. Remember the bits in the middle that stuck up that we saved? Take them and, with your wire cutters, clip them to where they are in the shape of a triangle. Might I repeat my previous warning: DO NOT AIM THE BOX AT ANYONE WHILE CLIPPING!!!!!! Remember that. If you trashed those peices or cut them too small, or lost them, a lot of other materials will suffice like foam or plastic packaging. Now attach them with the adhesive of your choice under a row of 'fur'.

Step 5: Heart and Other Accessories

Now we will add the heart. I found this random heart in a box at my house and loved the idea of it for my monster. I put glue down off to the side, then glitter to give the illusion of it being red. I next put the heart with glue dots, but found that they didn't work, so I put some mounting strip peices on that work rather well.

On another monster that I made, I gave it a necklace with a bell. On one that my friend made, she cut up a plastic frog and put it in the box over yellow 'fur'.  My point is, see what you have and make something awesome.

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