Introduction: Monster Mushroom Note Holder

This instructable will show you how to make a note holder from polymer clay, shaped like monster mushroom. You can apply the same technique to make any monster (or non-monster) note holder. Your imagination is the limit!

What you'll need is white, green and red polymer clay, one electric crocodile, one short wooden stick and a thick needle.

From the clay you'll have to form a couple of balls:
- one white with diameter 2.5 cm [1 in]
- one of white, green, red each with diameter 1.5 cm [0.6 in]
- one red with diameter 0.5 cm [0.2 in]
- one white with diameter 0.8 cm [0.3 in]
- nine white with diameter 0.3 cm [0.1 in] (only seven in the picture, sorry about that)

You can see a picture of it all :)

Step 1: Making the Big Mushroom

Take the big ball and the needle, and poke the needle in the ball. After that rotate the needle in order to make wholes, that will serve as the eye sockets.

Below them, make two shallower holes that will be the nose.

Add a dash with the needle in order to give the mushroom a smile. Make the ornaments of the mouth.

After that, take two of the small white balls with the needle (making little holes in them), and put them in the sockets as shown. If you have glow-in-the-dark polymer clay, you can make the eyes from it, for added effect.

Step 2: Making the Big Hat

Take the smaller white ball and start flattening it between your palms. Your goal is to make a flat circle like a pancake.

Now do the same to the large red ball.

When done, take the two "pancakes" and stack them together. With the red one on top, push in the center with your thumbs, in order to give it a mushroom hat shape.

Now take the needle and on the white side make some lines. This will be the gills of the mushroom hymenophore. Put the cap on the mushroom in a position that you like, but make sure the face is visible. You can fold it a bit upwards on the front side, so it looks more like a hat.

After you're finished with that, take the small balls and squish them between your fingers. The resulting mini-pancakes will go on top of the hat as pretty white dots.

Step 3: Make the Little Brother

Take the small white ball and put a face on it with the needle. This one is little grumpy. Make a little hat for it from the red ball.

Step 4: Making the Base

Take the green ball and form it like a snake with your palms. Just roll it between them, putting a little pressure, and it will form nicely.

After that flatten it on your working surface and give it a leafy shape. Take your needle and make the lines of the veins. Don't put too much pressure, you just want to make the lines visible.

After that, again with your needle, give the leaf a more strict shape on the outside. Again as with the veins, just "draw" the lines with your needle, but using more pressure so you can cut all the way through the clay to your working surface.

Remove the excess clay and you have a nice leaf!

Step 5: Finishing Up

Arrange the two mushrooms on the leaf, in a way you like.

Mount the electric crocodile on one end of your stick. After that, with the excess material from the leaf, make a ball and put it behind the mushrooms and stick it as good as possible on the leaf base. Put the free end of your stick in this small ball, and after that gently take it out, in order to preserve the size of the hole.

Bake at a temperature and time, specified by the company that made the clay. This should be marked on the packaging.

For FIMO Soft the numbers are: about 30 mintues at 110 C [230 F].

When it's baked and cooled, put some glue on the stick and mount it in the hole, that you've prepared for it.

Voila! Now you have a monster mushroom, to remind you for important things :)

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