Introduction: Monstera Giant Pot With Wooden Stand.

The dimension: Width 30 x Length 30 x Height 30 centimeters.

The dimension for the wooden stand: width 34 x Length 34 x Height 42 centimeters. (you can do any size)

Hello, In this project, I will make the Monstera Giant pot with stand. By painting colorful cement square pot and make a wooden stand. It’s very simple and easy to do. When it finished the room will looks much better. Let’s start.

Supplies that you need to do Monstera Giant pot with stand’s project.

1. Cement square pot, and some hard wood.

2. Spray paint (silver, light blue, turquoise, yellow), and clear lacquer spray.

3. Masking tape, sand paper, wood glue, screw, and nail.

Step 1: Make the Wooden Stand.

Cut the wood to size 4 x 4 x 40 centimeters (4 pieces) for the wood pot frame. I use the router to make the saw to make L shape cut and cut 45 degree angle on each piece. Before that I measure at the bottom of the pot again, because it not square. Then I adjust the angle of the cut for the frame. Next I make the legs by using 4x 4x 40 centimeters (4 pieces) cutting, and make a grove at the bottom of the legs for mortice. For the tenon pieces will use 1x 2.5x 40 centimeters (4 pieces). Note that the dimension of the frame need to fit the pot first, then the other connecting pieces, will be adjust when I cut the tenon pieces by using table saw. Then all pieces are cut, now I assembly by using wood glue, screws and nail. By attach the legs with the rail using (mortice and tenon joint) and attach to the top frame that will hole the cement pot with the screws. Then I sand the wood frame and clean off the glue. Next I spray clear lacquer to the wood stand.

Step 2: Spray Painting the Cement Pot.

Next I clean the cement square pot and spray paint silver color. Then I measure for the strips. I just leave some space by eye balling. Then use the masking tape to make the stripes. I use the old paper to block the light blue paint at the bottom. Next I block the light blue and spray turquoise. Then I spray paint yellow and block other. Let it dry, and I spray clear lacquer to the colorful pot.

Step 3: Place the Monstera Giant in the Room.

Last thing, I place the pot and wooden stand at the corner of the room, where it can receive the sunlight from the window and glass door. Now I just place the monster’s plastic pot inside the colorful cement with wooden stand. It will make the room looks better.

Special Thank: Mr. Sakorn

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